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What are the dimensions of the go-karts? Will they fit through the door of my shed which is approx. 80 cm wide?

Most go-karts are 150 cm long by 80 cm wide. Go-karts with big tyres, such as the BERG Traxx, are 85 cm wide. The information on this website tells you the dimensions of each product.

The go-kart has a flat tyre, but there is no inner tyre. How can I repair it?

You can only repair the tyre by fixing an inner tyre which you can order from your dealer.

The tubeless tyre fits loosely around the wheel rim and I can’t pump it up using a bicycle pump. What is the easiest solution?

The easiest solution is to fit an inner tyre. You can manage without an inner tyre, but you should then ensure that the bead of the outer tyre is tight against the outside edge of the rim. Then you can pump up the tyre to the required pressure.

What is the function of the swing axle?

A swing axle ensures that if you are driving the go-kart on an uneven surface or over a kerb the go-kart will always have all four wheels on the road surface. This provides a more comfortable and safer drive.

Is it possible to install a gear system onto a ‘standard’ go-kart?

No, the frame of a go-kart with gears has been specially designed for such purpose in our factory.
It is therefore difficult to make this adjustment to a standard go-kart. For example, even the chain casing fitted on the go-kart would need to be replaced. All this work could cost up to € 400, and it would come without any guarantee.

Is it possible to install a gear system on a go-kart with a BF-boss? Or to convert a 3-gear boss to a 7-gear boss?

Yes, this is possible by replacing the entire boss.

The automatic freewheel does not work. I have to pedal a few times before I can drive forwards. The same applies when I drive in reverse.

The free wheel is probably dirty. It should be cleaned and any grease removed.

Can I lubricate the free wheel with oil or other lubrication?

No. Oil or grease will damage the freewheel

I have cleaned the free wheel but it still doesn’t work. What do I do now?

Contact your BERG service-dealer. He is the specialist and will help you further.


Isn’t trampolining very dangerous?

If more than one child jumps on the trampoline at the same time, it can indeed be dangerous. However, if there is only one person on the trampoline, jumping in the normal way, then it is not dangerous. Safety is also assisted by providing a safety net.

What is the difference between cheap trampolines and BERG trampolines? They look the same.

At first sight, all trampolines look similar. However, if you look out for the 5 elements listed in the buying guide, then you can be assured of a safe and durable trampoline.

Can a BERG trampoline be sunk into the ground or lowered?

Yes, virtually all BERG trampolines can be lowered.
Instructions are available on the website or in the brochure.

Can I use the trampoline even if it is freezing weather or raining?

Yes, the trampoline is safe to use in freezing weather. However, if the jumping mat becomes wet and slippery, BERG Toys strongly recommends you not to jump on it.

How difficult is it to assemble the trampoline?

It is not difficult at all to assemble a BERG trampoline. Two people can assemble a trampoline ready for jumping on in half an hour.

Can I order individual parts for my trampoline?

BERG Toys stresses the importance of the quality of its aftercare service and supply of spare parts, so yes, we can supply any spare parts for at least 5 years.